Eliminate Shoulder and Elbow Pain and
Throw 2-4MPH Harder in just 2 weeks!!!

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Haven’t heard of the Monster Arm Program?
The Gold Standard for Baseball Player Arm Care! *excellent for pitchers, but made for ALL players*


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“This program is so specific to the baseball player, goes above and beyond any physical therapy routine you may have already had, and is designed specifically for the hard working player that wants to get to the next level.”


The Monster Arm Program

Monster Arm Program

Step by step video tutorials by Dr. Chris McKenzie that walk you though a daily 30 minute injury prevention/prehab routine that will:

  • Eliminate the risk of serious pitching/throwing injuries
  • Get to the root cause and decrease any current soreness you have in your shoulder, elbow or low back
  • Still having pain months after surgery?…Get rid of it!
  • Show you HOW to discover your full potential
  • Enable you to naturally throw 2-4mph faster in just 2 weeks
  • Allow you to dominate the diamond with massive self confidence
  • Get you to the next level of competitive baseball
  • Improve your muscle flexibility and joint mobility to reduce injury potential
  • Finally learn to condition the correct way as a baseball player to prevent velocity drop and arm pain
  • Professional Return to Throwing Program (while recovering from injury)
  • Professional Return to Hitting Program (for recovering from injury)
  • Simple Nutrition and Supplement Guide to reverse elbow pain and prevent velocity drop
  • Recovery Protocol for working out between starts for Pitchers: Starters and Relievers
  • Use In season and Off season

Don’t rely on anything else for the latest evidence in baseball player injury prevention…GET IT NOW!